Food Made Good Again…

Fresh or frozen foods packaged in a variety of customizable formats.

  • Standards and Quality

    Since 2000, we have been HACCP Certified. In addition, we are audited daily by CFIA. We are also BRC Certified. Our combined certifications ensure requirements for the effective control of food safety at the highest levels. We are proud to deliver on our quality commitment every day.

  • Wide Range of Customized Food Products

    We are excited to work with you to customize a solution that meets your specific requirements. Our state of the art facility is equipped with fully-automated production lines. So, no matter the size, we will create a manufacturing solution that’s perfect for you.

  • Quality Ingredients

    Our team is driven to deliver uncompromising quality. Our in-house laboratory provides testing for various microbiological requirements. We also test through the Babcock Method and partner with MAXXAM Analytics for regulated testing. We consistently deliver products in perfect condition using only quality ingredients. This is our commitment to you!

  • Innovative Flavour Creation

    We make protein products taste incredible. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, we create and package a variety of meat and non-meat proteins. Delicious and customized to meet your needs, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding products quickly.

Manufacturing Any Type of Food РConventional or Custom

  • Using advanced technologies to apply various breadings and coatings, we make a variety of cutlettes, scallopini and schnitzel as requested. Whether a meat or non-meat protein, we will prepare it perfectly to deliver outstanding taste and quality.

    Cutlettes, Scallopini & Schnitzel

  • Whether beef, pork, chicken or non-meat (e.g. mushroom), we will prepare the perfect burger for you. From mini-sliders to giant patties, fresh or frozen, we are ready to deliver what you want, when you need it.


  • We specialize in marinated products and this cut of pork is available in various packaging formats including roll-stock, which maximizes the fresh state of this tender pork fillet.

    Pork Tenderloin

  • Ideal for grilling or roasting, the stuffed pork loin offers value-added flair, high quality and menu diversity.

    Stuffed Pork Loin

  • Prepared in a variety of ways, we offer coatings, marinates and breadings to ensure that the optimal choice is available for these high demand products.

    Chicken Thighs & Drums

  • From breakfast, dinner or sausage rounds, we develop products in any flavour or seasoning and also offer them gluten or allergen free.


  • We prepare our products with unique blends of seasonings, coatings and sauces for customized recipes. Whether meat or a non-meat protein, we provide exceptional value and adaptability.

    Marinated & Flavoured Products

  • You might want a product solution that we haven't profiled. Please contact us. We're ready to produce the ideal product to meet your needs.

    Customer Service

Delft Blue Private Label

We are excited to work with you to fill any gaps or needs you have by providing outstanding value and high quality products that are customized, packaged and delivered when you need them.

We have the facility, the technology and the expertise to nimbly deliver exceptional results that consistently honour your brand.


We are excited to be your “co-man” to manufacture or package your products. We have the experience and expertise to reduce your costs and increase the speed time to market.

We are honoured to work with some of the top brands in the protein product industry and welcome the opportunity to make work easier for you.

Individually Quick Frozen Products

Our Cambridge, Ontario facility houses state-of-the-art equipment that includes a mechanical spiral freezer as well as a Cryogenic Nitrogen Freezer to produce marinated, batter/breaded or straight cuts of meat.

Packaging Formats

We offer creative and customizable packaging to meet your specific needs. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer best in class diversification in packaging options and sizes that make your work easier.

Whether case ready, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, overwrap, skin, vac, roll-stock packaging as well as retail and food service boxes — we offer it all.

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    We are in the business of making your work easier as a solutions provider in the manufacturing and distribution of quality protein products. Find out more about how we can help!

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    We are honoured to work with many of the top brands in the protein industry. We are excited to introduce you to our customized service solutions.

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We are excited about the opportunity to make work easier for you.

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