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Manufacturer of Value-Added Meat & Protein Products

“I thought you were the veal guys?”

We work with a variety of meat and protein products, not just veal.
This diversified product approach allows us to focus on delivering specifically to meet your exacting needs.

  • Chicken

  • Pork

  • Veal

  • Proteins

  • Turkey

  • Quick Turnaround for Any Volume Need

    We deliver quickly and eliminate red tape. Our clients often remark, “Wow! You can get through to label that fast?” We are, responsive, effective and efficient!

  • Specialty Products Designed For You & By You

    Our clients often say, “Oh, I didn’t realize do this.” We have the internal capacity, versatility and the right price to suit your needs.

  • Private Labelling With Multiple Forms of Packaging

    We specialize in fully automated product packaging. From case ready, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, overwrap, skin, vac, rollstock packaging as well as retail and food service boxes — we offer it all.

Who We Serve

  • Vendor Partners

    We offer the convenience of dealing with one supplier in one location with a full network of services. These services range from custom research and development, flavouring and packaging solutions, manufacturing as well as regulatory requirements guidance.

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  • Foodservice

    We process and package a variety of frozen value-added products for the foodservice market, including some of the country’s leading foodservice distributors and multi-unit food chains. We have the capability to handle a variety of species including veal, beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb, and recently expanded our services into non-meat proteins.

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  • Retail Chains

    We have the capability and technology to prepare many different types of products in breaded and battered formats, various fresh or frozen packaging including sausages, seasoned and marinated, as well as multi-species or non-meat foods. We specialize in custom products with exclusive recipes and formulas.

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Who We Are

Dedicated to Our Customers Since 1978

We are part of a family-owned business under the umbrella of the Grober Group of Companies that celebrates over 40 years of manufacturing excellence in Canada. In 1974, our founder, Jerry Bartelse, moved from the Netherlands to start Grober Nutrition based out of Cambridge, Ontario. In 1978, Jerry started Delft Blue Foods. He was inspired by a name that reflects exceptional quality — just like the world famous porcelain made in the city of Delft, Holland.

Our Cambridge-based facility delivers on the highest standards of quality and precision for our entire line of products and services. With our core values anchored in the tenants of innovation, quality, and customer service, we help our customers steadily find new levels of growth and sustainable success.

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Let us exceed your expectations!

We’re eager to be your custom manufacturing solutions provider who produces outstanding results by delivering quickly and beyond your expectations!

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